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Garage Siding & Garage Roofs

Garage Siding

Vinyl siding has been the most popular siding choice among homeowners for decades. But now, vinyl siding comes in a lot more colors and styles than ever before. It’s still one of the most affordable and durable types of siding; you can get vinyl siding in either horizontal or vertical styles.

Fiber Cement Garage Siding

Fiber cement siding has the beautiful look of wood but without the hassles of wood siding. It’s extremely durable and will last for decades. It’s resistant to water, pests, and fading so that you don’t have to worry about the weather or anything else damaging the siding. The effect is fantastic, especially on vintage Craftsman or Shaker homes.

Stucco Garage Siding

Stucco siding is a classic choice that many homeowners prefer because of the clean and elegant look stucco gives to a building, and also, because it’s very easy to install. One of the things that homeowners love about stucco siding is that it will easily last 50 years or more if you maintain it properly, if you use stucco siding you’ll only have to side your garage once.

Metal Garage Siding

Metal siding, like aluminum siding, is another very affordable choice that homeowners like because it’s easy to install and can be painted. Aluminum siding is a smart choice for garage siding because it is extremely durable and is fireproof and weatherproof. It resists pests and because it’s made of individual panels, if one panel becomes damaged, you can easily replace that one panel.

Engineered Wood Garage Siding

If you want the beauty of real wood and you want to make your garage look more like an add-on to the home instead of a garage engineered wood cladding is a fantastic choice. Engineered wood is more durable than traditional wood siding and resists pests, warping, cracking, and other damage more than traditional wood.

Brick Garage Siding

Traditional brick siding is both beautiful and durable. Brick siding is a classic look that never goes out of style, especially on vintage style homes. Brick siding should be installed by someone that has professional masonry experience in order to be sure that it’s installed properly and will last a long time. But it’s hard to beat the curb appeal and beauty of brick for a home or a garage.

Concrete Garage Siding

Concrete siding is a very practical and affordable choice for siding a garage. The insulating properties of the concrete will help keep the garage temperate so if you’re planning on using it as living space concrete is a smart choice that will help you with energy efficiency.

Cedar (Wood) Garage Siding

Real wood siding is a little controversial because it does have some major drawbacks. It doesn’t last as long as other types of siding. It can become a haven for pests and insects. Fire is a risk. It can fade, crack, and warp from being exposed to the sun, wind, rain and snow throughout the year. But it is stunning, lasts for years and can be treated and painted to insure its longevity.



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