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Express Way Construction Services

new roof

Cedar, Flat, EPDM & Shingle Roofing & Roof Flashing

🗹 Total Roof Repairs
🗹 New Pitched & Flat Roofs
🗹 Emergency Roof Repairs
🗹 Decades Of Protection

New blue siding

Vinyl, Cedar, PVC & Metal Panel Siding & New Fascia

🗹 All Siding Repairs
🗹 New Siding Installations
🗹 Many New Styles
🗹 A Totally New Look

copper gutter

Copper, Aluminum, PVC & Galvanized Steel Gutters

🗹 New Gutters & Eaves
🗹 Install Gutter/Leaf Guards
🗹 Many New Colors & Materials
🗹 New, Clean, Finished Look

new decking

Backyard, Pool, Balcony & Second Floor Decks

🗹 Many New Woods & Composites
🗹 Myriad Colors & Looks
🗹 Amazing Layouts & Styles
🗹 Adds More Usable Space

flashing copy

Brick, Masonry, Metal & Prefabricated Chimneys

🗹 Efficiency & Beauty
🗹 New Chimney Installations
🗹 Chimney & Flue Inspections
🗹 The Proverbial 'Cherry On Top'

new skylight

Mounted, Flush, Custom & Domed Skylights & Flashing

🗹 New Skylights & Flashing
🗹 Adds New Ambient Light
🗹 Total Roof Repairs
🗹 Many Custom Designs

New Railings

New Stair & Deck Railing installations & Repairs

🗹 New Life To Old Stairs
🗹 Many Styles & Materials
🗹 Ideal Accent Features
🗹 Safety & Peace Of Mind

new roof

New Sleek, Energy Efficient, Modern & Elegant Windows

🗹 Many Styles & Materials
🗹 Great Energy Efficiency
🗹 Ideal Finishing Features
🗹 Natural Light = Better Moods

Garage Roofs

New Garage Roofs, Garage Doors & Garage Siding

🗹 Increase Usable Space
🗹 Complete Your Curb Appeal
🗹 Match Your House Completely
🗹 Finally Use It Properly



Does your Long Island house need a major facelift?
Call Express Way!
We can handle all of your siding, roofing, chimney, decking, railing, windows and skylight needs to truly give your house a new look with amazing curb appeal!

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